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January 30th, 2010

Note: Silverlight MVPs are excluded from the list.

Josh Smith

Josh SmithJosh Smith gained a passion for user interface development while working at the Infragistics Windows Forms development lab. Following that he had a brief stint in the world of consulting for financial services firms, where his deep expertise in Windows Forms was put to use building mundane software for bank employees.

After leaving the financial services world far behind, he joined the New York Times and worked on the Times Reader application, whose user interface is built entirely in WPF. He has been studying and working with WPF since it was still pre-beta and has posted many articles on about it.

Now he is back at Infragistics, working in the User Experience Guidance group. He is responsible for helping .NET developers better understand how to create compelling user interfaces with modern UI technologies.

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Sacha Barber

Sacha BabaBasically I like code. C# is my language of choice though I also did VB/Java some time ago.

I am quite keen on .NET 3.0/3.5. I especially like WPF/LINQ in particular. These technologies really float my boat.

Though I quite like ASP .NET also…But only when I can get it working how I want..CSS is not my best skill

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Donald H Burnett

Donald H BurnettDon is a user experience designer and developer who enjoys spending his time creating Rich Internet Applications and Multimedia creations in XAML, with Expression Blend and Expression Studio. He has worked in the field of Windows Development and Multimedia design for over 20 years. This includes work for such companies as Media Station, Disney Software, Universal, MediaOne, and many others. Don specializes in training and support, design and development, in WPF and Silverlight..

He currently offers design and development consulting and training services to both individuals and businesses.

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Jim Duffy

Jim DuffyJim Duffy is founder and president of TakeNote Technologies, an award-winning training, consulting, and software development company specializing in .NET software developer training and helping clients create business solutions with Microsoft technologies. Jim is a Microsoft Regional Director, a Microsoft MVP, an INETA speaker, and is an entertaining and popular speaker at regional user groups and international developer conferences. He is also a co-host of Computers 2K9, a call-in radio show on WRBZ (AM 850), 850 The Buzz, in Raleigh, NC. You can find additional information about Jim, TakeNote Technologies, links to his blog, as well as a public training class schedule, on-site training information, consulting information, and software development services at

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Nathan Dunlap

Nathan DunlapMy name is Nathan Dunlap and I have been developing and designing with WPF since it’s inception. I was on the product team from the very beginning at Microsoft and stuck it out almost until we released v1.

I was excited about actually using WPF to do real client work and now am a full time interaction designer at IdentityMine one of the premier WPF shops.

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Christopher Brendan Enrick

Christopher Brendan Enrick 76xBrendan is a software developer at Lake Quincy Media, an advertising agency serving the software development industry. He is a graduate of the computer science department at Kent State University.

Brendan still lives and works in the Kent area with his wife, Molly. Most of his non-software-development time is spent playing games. He is an avid video game, PC game, and board game player.

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Jose Fajardo

My real name is “Jose Fajardo” and im from Sydney Australia. I use my tag mainly because it’s easier when im socializing on other sites, you know the whole security thing!!!

Back in my earlier days I use to work on small projects that were purely small design gigs, I’ve since moved on to specializing in large scale projects that involve complex architectures and true ecommerce features .

Note that the majority of new projects i work on are big projects for large multinational companies, Westpac, NAB, CBA, Challenger, Suncorp, St George etc etc. Those projects are big enterprise solutions, pretty borring compared to the eye candy i use to do!

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Jon Galloway

Jon GallowayAfter working hard as a submarine lieutenant, Jon Galloway was amazed to find that people would pay him to goof off with computers all day. He spends most of his time with ASP.NET and SQL Server, but likes to keep involved with a variety of other technologies. Jon co-founded the Monoppix project, has contributed to several open source projects, including SubSonic, and regularly releases open source utilities. He’s a senior software engineer at Vertigo Software, and blogs at

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Ian Griffiths

Ian Griffiths is an independent WPF consultant, developer, speaker and Pluralsight instructor and a widely recognized expert on the subject. He lives in London but can often be found on various developer mailing lists and newsgroups, where a popular sport is to see who can get him to write the longest email in reply to the shortest possible question. Ian maintains a popular blog at and is co-author of “Windows Forms in a Nutshell” and of “Mastering Visual Studio .NET”.

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Nuno Filipe Godinho

IT External Consultant with the main responsability of helping customers to identify, plan, manage and develop software products and solutions. The most of these software products and solutions are mission critical and use Microsoft. NET platform from ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Forms, WCF, WF, WPF and even Mobility. Has been Speaker in some main development events for Microsoft Portugal like MSDN, TechDays talking about subjects like ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Live Platform, Visual Studio and Windows Azure Service Platform.

His main services are Mentoring and Consulting in areas like Solutions Architecture (SaaS, S+S, etc), Development Methodologies (Scrum, MSF Agile and CMMI, FDD,TDD) and of course .NET Framework related technologies. Some of the customers that already worked with are Public Institutes, Private Companies, Financial Companies, and Microsoft Portugal.

He’s also an MVP in ASP.NET.

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Ben Hayat

Ben HayatBy nature, I’m not one of those individuals who seek after attention and fame and want to stand out in the crowd, but by the same token when I believe in a cause or venture, my passion and conviction will over take me. This could be in a family relationship or carrier or a social act or anything that has meaning to me. I’m honored to be a Telerik MVP, because of the above reason, because I believe in the company as is and it’s products and team. And I feel good to be united among others who feel the same way.

I’m a software developer and systems analyst and work as independent consultant and provide solutions for those who had not found what they were looking for. My college education began in Jan. 1976 in Computer Science and I have been with it since then. I started on IBM mainframe and eventually moved to Micro computers and have worked on many platforms, OS and industries.

I feel very good and positive being closely involved with Telerik team and their positive attitude and energy and it’s great to be among successful people.

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Grant Hinkson

Grant HinksonGrant Hinkson is Director of the Experience Design Group at Infragistics. He is passionate about design, usability, and technology and is rewarded by working with a team of people who share similar passions. Grant is a Microsoft Expression MVP, a contributing author of Silverlight 1.0, Silverlight 2 Programmer’s Reference, Foundation Fireworks CS4, and is a contributing author on Adobe DevNet. He has spoken at Adobe MAX, Microsoft ReMIX, DevScovery (New York and Redmond). He has authored a number of utilities for the designer/developer community, including the Fireworks to XAML Exporter and Pistachio, a WPF Resource Visualizer. When not coding or designing, Grant enjoys playing both the piano and organ.

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David James Kelley

David James Kelley is a Senior Software Architect at IdentityMine. For over 10 years David has focused on distributed application design and emerging Microsoft technologies on the web. He helped design and build large systems for Microsoft, Onyx Software, Saltmine, Giordanous Group, and IdentityMine and has specialized in applying leading-edge technology to real-world business problems. David built many of the core Popfly blocks in Silverlight and was part of the team that created the Emmy Award site for Entertainment Tonight–one of the first large-scale commercial Silverlight applications.

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Rod Paddock

Rod PaddockRod is owner of Dash Point Software, Inc. and co-owner of Red Matrix Technologies. Rod has been a long time software developer helping companies implement software based solutions in their companies. Rod has worked for such companies as First Premier Bank, Six Flags, Microsoft, Intel, System Improvements, and many others.

Rod has been a featured speaker at a number of conferences in The US, Canada and Europe.

Rod is a member of both the INETA and MSDN Canada speaker bureaus.

Rod is also editor in chief of CoDe Magazine.

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Michael Palermo

Michael PalermoJ. Michael Palermo IV works with the development team at Interface Technical Training. Michael serves as the Microsoft Regional Director for the states of Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Michael has been endorsed by Microsoft as a Microsoft Solutions Framework Practitioner & Trainer. He has been awarded Most Valuable Player (MVP) for XML technologies. Michael is also a member of ASP Insiders. Although Michael’s passion is sharing technology in a classroom environment, he has set time aside for authoring several books, courseware, and videos. You will likely find Michael engaging developers at user groups, conferences, and technical events.

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Al Pascual

Al PascualI started with ASP.NET and .NET in general in 2001 while I was a consultant to bring fast and robust applications to my customers. I took .NET as the technology to follow as since the starting I have always bet my career with Microsoft and I have never been without a job.

ASP.NET was the answer to all programmers that have been looking for a way to deploy their applications easier and to a big range of users. I enjoyed since 2001 working in .NET and I learned from other users as they shared their knowledge I shared mine to help as much as I can. Software is a very challenging technology that finding other users that can help you or point you to the right direction can make a big difference.

Now I am working for ESRI as I find Geographic Information System a wonderful challenge.

You can find my random thoughtsin GIS, ASP.NET and AJAX at

Involved in teaching and answering questions every day at

Also working in Open Source project Geo Twitter .

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Guy Peled

Guy PeledI am a developer working on my own product named WebGUI in Israel. I mainly program in .Net. I am posting here stuff I found and some personal thoughts I would like to shere with the rest of the world. By the way “Gizmox” is my nick name and “dudegizmo” is my still not taken nick name.

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Devin Rader

Devin Rader Devin is a Product Manager at Infragistics. He work mostly on Silverlight stuff.

He is an active member and leader for the International .NET Association (INETA) and believes strongly in the software development community. He helped found the St. Louis .NET Users Group in November 2000 and is a frequent speaker at community events nationwide. Devin writes the monthly ASP.NET Tips & Tricks column for ASP.NET Pro magazine, as well as .NET technology articles for MSDN Online. He has served as the sole technical editor for a number of works, including Web Services Enhancements: Understanding the WSE for Enterprise Applications, ASP.NET Professional Secrets, and ASP.NET 2.0 Beta Preview (all published by Wiley).

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Walt Ritscher

Walt Ritscher is an active speaker; his teaching schedule has taken him throughout the U.S. providing training at corporations, universities and developer conferences.While working with Microsoft Press he was instrumental in creating “early adopter”.NET courses for colleges and universities. He is heavily involved in the developer community – founding the .NET Developers Association in Redmond WA

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Michael Schwarz

Michael Schwarz has been developing applications on the Microsoft platform since Windows 3.1. He currently works as a Solution Developer where he has delivered applications for customers in the corrugated industries that range from mobile applications to complex web applications. He is an active blogger covering a wide range of topics including the .Net Framework 3.0, AJAX and JavaScript, ASP.Net, and C#. Michael was awarded the MVP award for ASP.NET Development four times and has been a Microsoft Certified Professional, holding Microsoft certifications including MCAP.

Michael is the author of the well-known AJAX library for ASP.NET: Ajax.NET Professional. See more details at

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Steven Smith

Steve Smith is co-owner of Lake Quincy Media, the Microsoft Developer Ad Network, and, a popular software professional web site. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, an ASP.NET MVP (profile), an INETA Speaker, and an ASPInsider. He’s written or contributed to several books on ASP.NET and related topics and is a frequent speaker at industry conventions such as DevConnections and Tech Ed.

Steve is a US Army veteran who served in Iraq as a combat engineer platoon leader tasked with destroying unexploded ordnance and clearing IEDs. He received his honorable discharge as a CPT in 2005 and is now happy to be 100% a civilian.

Steve lives in Ohio with his wife and business partner Michelle, their daughter Ilyana, and son Nikita. When he’s not trying to keep up with his business or technology, Steve enjoys games, bicycling, and karate.

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Shawn Wildermuth

Shawn WildermuthShawn Wildermuth is a Microsoft MVP (C#), member of the INETA Speaker’s Bureau and an author of six books on .NET. Shawn is involved with Microsoft as a Silverlight Insider, Data Insider and Connected Technology Advisors (WCF/Oslo/WF). He has been seen speaking at a variety of international conferences including SDC, VSLive, WinDev, MIX, DevTeach and DevReach. Shawn has written dozens of articles for a variety of magazines and websites including MSDN, DevSource, InformIT, CoDe Magazine, ServerSide.NET and MSDN Online. He has over twenty years in software development regularly blogs about a range of topics including Silverlight, Oslo, Databases, XML and web services on his blog ( He is currently teaches workshops around the country through his training company AgiliTrain (

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Daniel Vaughan

Daniel VaughanDaniel Vaughan is a software developer with commercial experience across a wide range of industries including e-commerce, multimedia, and finance. While originally from Australia and the UK, Daniel is currently based in Geneva Switzerland; working with WPF, WCF, and WF within the finance industry. In his spare time Daniel likes to spend time thinking up novel ideas, such as employing neural networks to predict user navigation behaviour in WPF applications, and a grid computing framework for Silverlight. Daniel is also the creator of a number of open-source projects including Clog, and Calcium for WPF.

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Hannes Preishuber

Hannes PreishuberHannes Preishuber is founder and CEO of ppedv AG. He is located in Austria and Germany. Hannes is teaching as MCT web related stuff, have written books about ASP.NET and speaks on conferences like TechEd, VSone, Techdays.

You can find my German blog under or English

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Corrado Cavalli

Corrado CavalliCorrado is an Italian independent consultant, developer, speaker and trainer working at ManagedDesigns mainly on UX Technologies like WPF and Silverlight. He’s a Microsoft MVP since 2002 recently moved to Client Application Development category and board member of Italian’s largest .NET User group UGIdotNET. You can easily find him at major Microsoft events or online on various programming forums/ user-groups or inside WPF Disciples list.

When not in front of his PC he’s usually around surrounding mountains with the skis or riding his mountain bike.
Corrado lives near Bergamo and blogs at

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Gill Cleeren

Gill CleerenGill Cleeren is a .NET architect at Ordina. He is the Microsoft Regional Director for the Benelux and since 2008 also MVP (Most Valuable Professional) ASP.NET. Gill’s focus is on research of brand-new technologies and trends, with a predilection for UI-related technologies like ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight and WPF.In his role as Regional Director, Gill has given many sessions, webcasts and trainings on new as well as existing technologies on national and international events. He also leads the largest .NET user group in Belgium, VISUG and organizes the yearly event Community Day. Gill is currently working on a book focused on Silverlight, which will release in Q1 2009 and runs a succesful blog on Microsoft and .NET at

Jason Beres

Jason BeresJason Beres is the Director of Product Management for Infragistics, the world leader in user interface development tools and experts in the User Experience (UX) market. Jason is one of the founders of Florida .NET User Groups, he is the founder of the Central New Jersey .NET User Group, he is a Visual Basic .NET MVP, and he is on the INETA Speakers Bureau. Jason is the author of several books on .NET development, including the recently published Silverlight 3 Programmers Reference from Wrox Press. Jason is a national and international conference speaker; he is a frequent columnist for several .NET publications, and keeps very active in the .NET community.

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Ray Houston

Ray Houston 2Ray has been working in software for nearly 20 years and started using .NET since the early previews. He enjoys finding elegant solutions to complex problems and delivering real value to customers. Ray is a speaker and contributor to community events and is a co-creator of the open source project Fluent Silverlight. He is the Director of Development for TOPAZ Technologies in Austin, TX.

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Valio Stoychev

Valio StoychevValentin is a team lead in Telerik’s Silverlight division. With more than 10 years of professional experience, he is responsible for numerous products in Telerik’s AJAX, Silverlight and WPF product lines. He is a strong believer in the future of Silverlight and web applications

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Mark Smith

I started JulMar Technology in 1996 to host my growing consulting business in Dallas, Texas. Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped a variety of large companies build high-quality software using C++, .NET and Java all over the United States.

Today, JulMar provides architectural advice, mentoring and custom programming primarily oriented around Windows and .NET technologies to companies all over the country.

I am also an author and instructor for DevelopMentor. In that role, I travel and train developers on advanced Microsoft technologies such as WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation). I wrote the Microsoft Surface and WPF course for DevelopMentor and have been a core author for a variety of other courses – including Guerrilla.NET, Azure Bootcamp, Windows 7 and the upcoming .NET 4.0 materials.

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Tim Greenfield

Tim Greenfield is a software architect and engineer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He is now working for Vertigo Software and was the senior software design engineer for Palo Alto Software. He is also a Silverlight blogger, speaker, and author of a number of WPF and Silverlight applications and tools including Online Jigsaw Puzzles, Password Manager, and contributor of the SilverlightContrib project. Besides programming, Tim is a world traveler, avid woodworker, and amateur photographer.

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Michael Wolf

Michael WolfA thirteen year veteran of developing web applications, Michael was an early adopter of Rich Internet technologies, developing solutions for initial betas of, AJAX , Microsoft WPF/Silverlight, and the Microsoft Surface. As Principal Architect for Cynergy’s Microsoft practice Michael has presented on stage with Microsoft at both MIX 09 as well as TechEd 09. In addition acting as Technical Lead Michael’s team won the first Microsoft Phizzpop National Design Challenge, beating a field of 30 of the top design firms in the country. Michael has also developed several enterprise WPF / Silverlight / Surface applications for companies from Startups , to Broadcast Television, to Fortune 500 companies. When not in front of a computer, Michael can be found with his wife and 2 children in their row home in baltimore, or playing in a diy punk band

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